Chemotherapy And Surgery In India

Cancer is defined as a rapid growth of cells that intrude and damage the surrounding tissue. Oral cancer as the name suggests deals with the mouth and its organ. It appears as a swell or sore in the mouth that doesn’t go away easily. Cancer involves in its umbrella the cancer of lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, pharynx, breast, lungs, pancreas etc and can be quite life threatening if not diagnosed at the right time. Now comes the most common question that what causes cancer in humans well it includes a lot of factors like smoking cigarettes, cigars, smoking pipes, smokeless tobacco, excessive consumption of alcohol and so on. Some common symptoms of Cancer can include bleeding, redness or whiteness on the surface of the mouth, sudden change in voice, change in teeth arrangement or gum bleeding, drastic weight loss, swelling up of certain areas, loose motion, fever, joint pains and so on. In most cases patients showing any of these symptoms will be made to go through an examination like ultrasonography or isotope tests followed by a cancer screening and lastly a biopsy to confirm that those are symptoms of cancer.

Chemotherapy and surgery

 Cancer treatment like any other treatment is very expensive but doesn’t anyway assure life expectancy or non- danger life. Treatment of cancer includes chemotherapy and radiation given to the patients. Cancer treatment cost in India can cost between 50,000INR- even lakhs depending on the number of chemotherapy and the radiation rounds a patient’s needs. In Chemotherapy Surgery India charges something around 50,000INR-1lakhINR including operation charges, doctor charges, hospital charges and miscellaneous, however medicines charges are different and are not counted within the surgery package but have to be bought by the patients’ family from time to time The cost of treatment varies as chemos and radiation are available also in the painless form, where patients who have been put through the radiation process and have experienced no pain or dry mouth etc. Therefore, painless ones cost a bit more than the normal ones.

Some common side effects of chemotherapy

Cancer can also be cured by surgery depending on the area that has been affected however surgery is never a good option because they cause the tissues in the body to swell. Makes one feel tired if a lymph node is removed. Depending on the kind of surgery one has undergone decides the consequences. It should be kept in mind that surgery can change the patients’ ability to chew, swallow, talk, walking and to carry out basic every day activities. surgery. For those who want to regain their older self like that was before the surgery can go in for re-constructive plastic surgery to rebuild the bones or tissues of the area operated or affected by cancer. Chemotherapy has adverse effect on health especially in females when being diagnosed with breast cancer or uterine cancer. Though chemotherapy before surgery many a time saves the patient from the surgery but takes a toll on her health so take the decision wisely. Don’t ignore any unusual happenings to your body maybe that’s your body’s way of signalling and warning you.

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